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Production (Stock) Yamaha XT Models, Uploaded for: josep m
480x640  120 KB
2001 XT Models
Date: 20-Oct-17
Views: 4
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

Uploaded for: josep m

Production (Stock) Yamaha XT Models, Uploaded for: roger thompson
1280x960  370 KB
1997 XT Models
Date: 16-Oct-17
Views: 8
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 10.00

Uploaded for: roger thompson

Women Yamaha XT Models, Uploaded for: jojo11
1791x1162  676 KB
1999 XT Models
Date: 14-Oct-17
Views: 16
Votes: 6 / Ave.: 7.17

Uploaded for: jojo11

Production (Stock) Yamaha XT Models, Uploaded for: luke bartlett
1632x1224  433 KB
2005 XT Models
Date: 11-Oct-17
Views: 8
Votes: 1 / Ave.: 2.00

Uploaded for: luke bartlett

Women Yamaha XT Models, Yamaha XT600
450x600  239 KB
XT Models
Date: 29-Sep-17
Views: 90
Votes: 68 / Ave.: 6.71

Yamaha XT600

14-Apr-09 - This is a Man's Ride for sure. Wonder where this shot was taken. This is a Euro Model? Never seen a 600 like this in the states. The girl is Sultry too. Love her lips, They would look so good wraped around my... uhhh

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