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Production (Stock) Yamaha YZ Models, Rear ice raing tire
600x916  136 KB
1990 YZ Models
Date: 10-Jul-17
Views: 566
Votes: 54 / Ave.: 5.94

Rear ice raing tire

30-Dec-02 - you turnd alot to the right
28-Mar-04 - You turn left in ice racing therefore no need for studs on the right of the tire.
Production (Stock) Yamaha YZ Models, My old ice racing bike...Time to move up to a 500 or thumper!
896x610  195 KB
1990 YZ Models
Date: 29-Mar-17
Views: 824
Votes: 92 / Ave.: 5.80

My old ice racing bike...Time to move up to a 500 or thumper!

10-May-03 - Why no front brake?
10-May-03 - Front brakes come in handy when riding 500's and thumpers
22-Aug-03 - You don't use front brakes ice racing, which is what I was doing with this bike. So off they go...
23-Aug-03 - Never seen a picture of one of these bikes up close. Not enough Ice in North Carolina for it . Most people here think ice racing is nutz, I think it sounds like fun
08-Sep-03 - Yeah, ice racing is a blast. I think the easiest thing to compare it to for a southerner would probably be dirt track riding. Check some of my other pics for more ice racing. It all mostly just my buddies and the local guys, not exactly like the pros (close though! ;) ). I 've got a few better ones on my hardrive too.
Jumps Yamaha YZ Models, me at a race this weekend (7/15/02)
927x673  40 KB
2001 YZ Models
Date: 01-Jun-18
Views: 996
Votes: 119 / Ave.: 8.08

me at a race this weekend (7/15/02)

25-Feb-09 - bad*ss
25-Feb-09 - nice jump!!!! I ride a yz 80 too! (2001) big air is fun!!!!!!!!
Racing Kawasaki KX250, KX250 On the ice
700x480  65 KB
2003 KX250
Date: 05-May-10
Views: 1,319
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 6.83

KX250 On the ice

Production (Stock) Kawasaki KX250, 1989 -Kawasaki - KX250 - 389379
960x720  77 KB
1989 KX250
Date: 10-Jun-17
Views: 571
Votes: 2 / Ave.: 10.00

1989 -Kawasaki - KX250 - 389379

Racing Honda CR500, Nice Ice Wheelie
752x510  68 KB
1990 CR500
Date: 05-May-10
Views: 3,336
Votes: 40 / Ave.: 7.05

Nice Ice Wheelie

Racing Honda CR500, Ice racing action from the Great White North
800x587  64 KB
Date: 25-Jun-18
Views: 913
Votes: 106 / Ave.: 6.90

Ice racing action from the Great White North

25-Mar-09 - TROFEO ANDROS?
25-Mar-09 - ?????
25-Mar-09 - sorry masrapido...I'm not sure what you mean...what is Trofeo Andros?
25-Mar-09 - trophee andros is the french ice racing championship, they have/had a class for bikes too.
25-Mar-09 - Actually this is Canadian ice racing....I'd love to see some pics of the French series
Jumps Honda CR250, Look! No hands!
1800x1220  198 KB
1991 CR250
Date: 30-Jul-17
Views: 554
Votes: 78 / Ave.: 6.31

Look! No hands!

Jumps Honda CR250, Taken at Southwick, MA 2002 at ACR event.
800x620  119 KB
1983 CR250
Date: 17-Oct-18
Views: 1,338
Votes: 35 / Ave.: 6.34

Taken at Southwick, MA 2002 at ACR event.

Production (Stock) Honda CR250, Uploaded for: Trevor Ellis
722x526  94 KB
1989 CR250
Date: 24-Jul-10
Views: 2,829
Votes: 0 / Ave.: 0.00

Uploaded for: Trevor Ellis

11-Oct-13 - Hey Trevor just wondering if you could tell me where you got those sick graphics for this even sicker bike Cheers Harry
Production (Stock) Kawasaki KX500, 1999 Kawasaki KX500
2591x1982  1,051 KB
1999 KX500
Date: 05-Aug-16
Views: 2,209
Votes: 17 / Ave.: 9.94

1999 Kawasaki KX500

14-Aug-12 - Incredible !!!! Is your bike?
Production (Custom) Kawasaki KX500, KX500 monobike, more at
400x290  29 KB
1998 KX500
Date: 14-May-11
Views: 1,669
Votes: 120 / Ave.: 5.78

KX500 monobike, more at

10-Jan-02 - very...strange! the rider is very short, isnĀ“t?
29-Mar-02 - no, seat is digged only for a better riding position, like a sportbike. :)
Crash Husqvarna SM 570 R, Uploaded for: Hallo boys,
I and my Husqvarna SM 570 R
1627x1220  251 KB
SM 570 R
Date: 17-Oct-16
Views: 843
Votes: 96 / Ave.: 6.20

Uploaded for:
Hallo boys, I and my Husqvarna SM 570 R

17-Sep-03 - Hi Steno i see you more here than in Trento CIAO NIK (BZ)
Racing Honda CR450F, Ice racing
700x480  49 KB
2003 CR450F
Date: 05-May-10
Views: 1,301
Votes: 33 / Ave.: 6.55

Ice racing

Production (Custom) Honda CR450F, 2003  Honda  CR450F Dirtbike
896x620  109 KB
2003 CR450F
Date: 18-Jan-16
Views: 934
Votes: 64 / Ave.: 7.11

2003 Honda CR450F Dirtbike

Production (Custom) Honda CR450F, 2003  Honda  CR450F Dirtbike
448x407  35 KB
2003 CR450F
Date: 29-Jul-12
Views: 886
Votes: 61 / Ave.: 6.18

2003 Honda CR450F Dirtbike

08-Jul-04 - THis is off huevos 6.... good try though
07-Aug-04 - What the hell are you talking about? Check my other pics... I took it myself.
Production (Stock) Kawasaki KDX200, Uploaded for:
1280x740  207 KB
1997 KDX200
Date: 16-May-18
Views: 931
Votes: 102 / Ave.: 6.61

Uploaded for:

04-Feb-09 - bad luck cobba
Production (Stock) Honda CRF250, CRF250 fresh outta the crate
1792x1220  396 KB
2004 CRF250
Date: 28-Mar-18
Views: 1,078
Votes: 30 / Ave.: 6.90

CRF250 fresh outta the crate

Wheelies Yamaha WR Models, Another nice wheelie
300x470  35 KB
WR Models
Date: 25-Jan-11
Views: 1,226
Votes: 126 / Ave.: 7.16

Another nice wheelie

03-Apr-09 - This picture is from my homepage
03-Apr-09 - gr8!
03-Apr-09 - gr8!
03-Apr-09 - gr8!
03-Apr-09 - gr8!
03-Apr-09 - This is Alessandro Gramigni ex world champion 125GP with Aprilia
Production (Stock) Suzuki RM400, 1979 -Suzuki - RM400 - 400586
1024x844  158 KB
1979 RM400
Date: 24-Jul-18
Views: 894
Votes: 5 / Ave.: 8.20

1979 -Suzuki - RM400 - 400586

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